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Special Weekly Lessons

All lessons are on site

Here at Gleneagles we have a variety of horse riding lessons from beginners to advanced, including group and private tailored services.

If you have specific requests or just require any further information please contact the office on 023 8047 3370 or email us at:


Walk Outs

  • Ideal for a first ride, especially for younger children – from 4 upwards.
  • The ride takes half an hour. Riders go out around our bridleway which goes through Itchen Valley Country Park.
  • Horses are led by one of our helpers and are accompanied by an

Tiny Tots

  • Fun learning for children aged 4 – 6 years old
  • 20 minute sessions with groups no larger than 4.
  • Children are encouraged to have fun while learning the basics of riding and handling our quiet, children’s ponies.

Group Lessons

Groups lessons are 1 hour long and are divided into abilities, allow riders to progress through the groups at their own pace. Beginners lesson: are on and off the lead rein in walk trot.

Beginner Lessons

Are also good for nervous riders or those gaining their confidence with riding before going to the next level.


Riders who are learning sitting trot and beginning to canter. The more advanced novice lessons can also include learning about jumping.


Riders who are confident with or without stirrups in walk, trot and cantering easily. Advanced lessons can include some basic dressage and jumping.

Private / Shared Private Lessons

  • Private and shared private lessons are taught on a one-to-one basis and can be half an hour or 1 hour duration.
  • Fun and enjoyable activity for both horse and rider.
  • Ideal for working on specific problems.
  • Good for those who would be nervous or feel self conscious in a group lesson.
  • Riding for disabled groups run regularly throughout the year.
  • We also work closely with local schools, colleges and universities.

Semi Private Lessons

  • Minimum 2 riders a maximum of 4 in a semi private lesson.
  • They are ideal for families or friends that want to learn together and whose riding capabilities are at a similar standard.
  • Semi private lessons can be half an hour or an 1 hour long,depending on the fitness and ability of the riders.



“Thanks to Debbie and the Team, I'm up and riding as before after 10 years out of it!! So helpful and dedicated and a great setting.”

Juliet Sanders
Juliet Sanderslocal business owner

“Been coming to Gleneagles for 3 months for lessons and have learnt so much, thanks for the assistance.”

Sam Mansbridge
Sam Mansbridgecollege student

“Friendly people and unbelievable grounds in the beautiful english countryside make this a special place to spend all my summer.”

Mia Rodriguez
Mia Rodriguezoverseas student